Consultation is Required  to determine the right products for your skin condition. 

DMK skincare products listed  can be purchased at time of appointment or preorder.

Existing  clients may place orders, We ship to our snowbirds, local pick up, all orders must be paid at time the order is made, some products available at Florida Esthetics, appointment required.

Purifies and moisturizes oily skin

Non oily mouturizer protects against uv rays 

Triggers revision of damaged sales

Firm and Brighten dull skin 

Regulates oil flow and brightens

For biological aging and firming

water resistant, uv protection to restore skin 

Nutrient rich to protect, rejuvenate and firm 

Body firming

Body wash and exfoliant

Tone, lighten and firm skin all over body

Even tone skin, formulated with herbal extracts

lighten, cellular renewal

Vitamin A, cellular turn over, aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, scaring and hands

Brighten skin, even tones

minimizes unwanted oil, dirt and dead cells

deep cleans oily and congested skin

non Alkaline cleanser, removes make up, dirt, dead skin cells non drying

Herbal cleanser for pores

low HP, for Dry, delicate or sensitive skin reactive skin

Botanical for dry, delicate and reactive skin

Beta gel

Beta glucan Rich, for irritated skin and skin smoothing

Super Serum

Beta glucan

Vitamin C

Restores Collagen, prevents pigmentation

Direct Delivery C

Wrinkles, lines and pigmentation

Get that Youthful bounce Back

scars, dark circles, pigmentation

Vitamin E, collagen production, repairs skin

Aloe, normalize skin acid mantle 

Anti Glycation

tone , wrinkles

hydration, fresh glow and firmness

Fiberblast C

Highest form of Vitamin C Wrinkles, scars, pigmentation

Dark Circles, Puffiness, Fine lines

Vitamins, amino acids, minerals

for wrinkles

Home Enzyme Kit

The best in home care treatment.


absorbs excess sebaceous oils.

Great for acne, oily skin or under make up


Swelling and prevention of future break outs

pseudo heat

dissolves sebum plugs


blemish control


softens exfoliates dry rough skin hydrates feet and hands

Resurfacing treatment after traumatic procedures and surgeries


Not sold in USA 


Deep Cleanse Detox skin impurities and free radicals

Camouflage broken capillaries, builds circulation 

Enlarged pores

Medaling inhibitor

pigmentation tones skin

Acne, pores, congestion, dull skin, oily skin, blackheads


lift, tighten and exfoliate

Exfoliate, tighten, firm, 

purify, and home maintenance enzyme

Hydrate, cool, calm and moisturize

Remove dead cells and  gentle exfoliation

Consultation is Required  to determine the right products for your skin condition. 

DMK  Cosmetics listed  can be purchased at time of appointment or preorder.

  • Existing clients may place orders via email

  • We ship if needed

  • Snowbird Friendly

  • Local pick up

  • All orders must be paid at the time the order is made

  • Some products available at Florida Esthetics Sarasota office

  • Appointment required for consultation $30 & to order products or pick up .

Make up Application Session


Clients in need of tutorial plus make up application session

  • Must preorder full make up kit

  • Must pay in advanced

  • Must have appointment

Example home care by age

Some products my vary depending on skin condition, Florida Esthetics will help you pick out the best skincare products for you from DMK skincare line or supporting lines we carry

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